Zenas Hubbard


Zenas Hubbard

Is a working Artist with previous shows at galleries throughout New York, Connecticut and Texas.  He is a Published photographer with works in Esquire magazine among others and also served as a photojournalist for the New York Post newspaper.

He was born in a wooden shack on the Florida Bayou, raised by wild hippies in the pine woods of Texas and forged in steel on the mean streets of New York City.  Zenas first fell in love with photography by reading National Geographic as a Kid and started taking pictures at the age of fifteen.  He is currently pursuing his lifelong dream of traveling the world and photographing it.


Artist Statement

The Buddha Says: “Suffering is the path that leads to enlightenment”. I would borrow that and paraphrase it to say: “Challenge is the path to inspiration”. There is a practice in Buddhism of being intensely present in the moment that is most often associated with Zen.  This Zen practice is closely related to the photographic concept of the Decisive Moment.  In my work I use travel as a means to ignite inspiration and I use photography as a means to explore people, cultures and beauty.

I believe in Art and I believe in beauty, but I don’t believe that beauty makes something Art and I don’t believe that Art has to be beautiful.  Art comes from the deeper layer of meaning.  Something that cannot be expressed in words but can be transferred via a photograph and emotionally felt by the viewer.